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The Defending Christianity Blog is the official blog for Defending Christianity Podcast, where we discuss past episodes in more depth or reiterate the content of the episode, give specific key quotes from the guest, or just give content related to Apologetics that has not yet been covered on the show! You’ll also be able to see more info on future content, guests, and other details here on the blog sooner!

About the Defending Christianity Podcast:

The message of the Gospel is attacked every day by restless efforts and empty philosophies of this world. That is why Defending Christianity isn’t about making meaningless arguments or attempting to provoke empty debates– it is about preserving the redeeming message of the cross of Christ by using logic and reason to communicate why Christianity best explains reality. New episodes are released fortnightly on Thursdays at 10 AM Central. For suggestions on episode coverage, email levi@defendingchristianity.org Also, please check out the Defending Christianity Blog for articles on all things related to Christianity and Apologetics!

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