An Apologetic for Apologetics

If the future does not convince you enough to study apologetics, then take notice of present trends. Recent data supports that “Most young people abandon their faith while they are still at home with their parents. Today, incoming college freshmen, when surveyed before they enter college, are three times more likely to report that they are religiously unaffiliated than freshmen who entered college in 1986."

Why Naturalism is Attractive — yet Inconsistent

Naturalism continues to appeal to the modern mind, but its approach to life leaves one to grapple with their life’s purpose, measure their moral standards by their idea of right and wrong, and build their life philosophy upon the false idea that science explains everything. Naturalism is inconsistent both on the level of human experience and logic.

How I Almost Lost My Faith—and How I Found It Again

Empty, Alone, and Doing the Right Thing Picture this for a moment: you’re running down a dark alley. There are towering high-rise apartments on each side of you, and debris is falling from above. There are elephant-sized tears welling up and running across your face like a window in the middle of a rainstorm. Up … Continue reading How I Almost Lost My Faith—and How I Found It Again

Should Christians Have Blind Faith?

A few months ago, I sat with a close friend in one of the booths of our university’s coffee shop. My friend, whom I will call Tom, is an atheist. Tom is a genuine truth-seeker, and he would be a Christian if he thought Christianity was “actually true.” During our conversation, we found ourselves discussing … Continue reading Should Christians Have Blind Faith?

Reading the Bible: Why Understanding the Big Picture Matters

So really, how do you read your Bible?  One of the first things that a new Christian learns is that the Bible is the Word of God that nourishes your soul, so it must be read.  How is a new Christian supposed to read the Bible, though?  This is one of the areas that is not addressed in … Continue reading Reading the Bible: Why Understanding the Big Picture Matters