The Unforgettable Jesus

It's October of last year. The trees of Ouachita Baptist University are in color, and I am having the time of my life. I am wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to every class. My earbuds never leave my ears, and things could not go any better, except when my schedule tells me I have to … Continue reading The Unforgettable Jesus

Is the Old Testament Relevant for Christians Today?

In my class on the Pentateuch (Torah, Gen.-Deut.), my professor gave the class an assignment to be done by the next class session. The assignment was to answer the following question: If someone says, “The Old Testament (OT) is irrelevant for Christians,” what would be a biblically informed response? The response had to be in … Continue reading Is the Old Testament Relevant for Christians Today?

The Relationship Between Apologetics and Theology

A friend recently asked me on an Instagram Q&A, “What’s your preference—apologetics or theology?” Honestly, I couldn't pick one or the other. Both have been so essential to my growth as a follower of Christ! As I discussed that during the Q&A and a few others resonated with my response, I realized that the relationship … Continue reading The Relationship Between Apologetics and Theology

Pragmatism and the Christian

"In simple terms, it places the methodology above God." M. Aaron Pragmatism and the Christian (1 Corinthians 3:4-9)   Pragmatism is the practical or realistic approach to solving problems (retrieved from Google Dictionary) or the idea that the results themselves confirm the validity of the methods used and is often found in Christian circles.  For example, … Continue reading Pragmatism and the Christian