Feelings Taken Captive

This is a post where I, Levi, will be a bit vulnerable. I have terrible self esteem issues. I constantly ask myself if people will like me if I do this or if I do that. I have been dealing with this for years, yet it stays. Lingers. Fall semester 2020 in particular, I dealt … Continue reading Feelings Taken Captive

Where is God’s Image?

I’m not sure about you, but there have been times in my life when I acted as if I was more righteous than I was. As we see in Luke 20, God sees right though our false righteousness and into the depths of our own hearts. In Luke 20, scribes and pharisees sent spies who … Continue reading Where is God’s Image?

How I Got Involved with Photography & How it Relates to my Faith

The process of sanctification is God’s continuous work in our lives that produces a more clear image of himself in us and through us. You can give the world a ‘glimpse’ of God’s beauty and image through the things you are passionate about and gifted at.