Jonathan has worked as a speaker with Stand to Reason since 2019.

Jon Noyes

Levi and the team at Defending Christianity are pressing back at a culture that’s drifting more and more away from the Christian worldview. Levi’s personal interview style and quality of guests provide listening experience that’s second to none. If you’re looking for answers to the most difficult questions concerning things like progressive Christianity, abortion, how to engage in spiritual conversations, and the historical Jesus this is the podcast for you.

Kendra White is the director of In His Image and producer at American Family Studios.

Kendra White

Defending Christianity is a a much needed source of truth in a culture that makes decisions based on emotion and feeling. Levi’s passion for apologetics is contagious. The kingdom of God is truly blessed to have young adults like him who are standing up for righteousness.

Mikel is the host of The Apologetics Guy Show podcast. Read more about Mikel here.

Dr. Mikel Del Rosario

This ministry represents a fresh movement of Gen Z believers who show that defending the faith isn’t about arguing with people but presenting a reasonable case for the truth of Christianity. I was honored to be one of their first podcast guests and I’m excited to see God how is raising up the next generation of apologists, including Levi Dade and the rest of the Defending Christianity team.

Kenneth Richard Samples is a senior research scholar at Reasons to Believe and the author of Christianity Cross-Examined.

Dr. Kenneth Samples

If you have questions about the truth claims of Christianity, a fine resource on the web is Defending Christianity with Levi Dade. Levi hosts a podcast and writes regular blog articles about topics relating to Christian apologetics and worldview. Levi is thoughtful and winsome in his presentation and defense of the historic Christian faith.

Dr. McCoy is the director of the Women’s Ministry for the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Katie McCoy

What a joy it is to see a new generation engage deeply in their faith! Levi presents thoughtful discussions aimed at bolstering the confidence of Christ-followers in an increasingly post-Christian age.