Pragmatism and the Christian

"In simple terms, it places the methodology above God." M. Aaron Pragmatism and the Christian (1 Corinthians 3:4-9)   Pragmatism is the practical or realistic approach to solving problems (retrieved from Google Dictionary) or the idea that the results themselves confirm the validity of the methods used and is often found in Christian circles.  For example, … Continue reading Pragmatism and the Christian

Delighting in God’s Image: A Summer Special Episode

"Pride month” has officially come to a close.  Businesses retreat to their non-rainbow logos; trending pride hashtags naturally lose their momentum. But the issues that abruptly confronted many Christians last month remain.  As confusion over sexuality continues to permeate the culture, Christians face the challenge of responding biblically, clearly, and lovingly. But why? How? When? Often, these … Continue reading Delighting in God’s Image: A Summer Special Episode