Is God Immoral for Destroying the Canaanites?

Today, we live in a pluralistic culture where moral relativism flourishes while any suggestion of absolutism is dismissed. When those who propagate such ideas are met with ideas they don't like, we should expect—since, to them, there is no absolute and morality is relative—all ideas and moral preferences to be accepted. And many times, moral … Continue reading Is God Immoral for Destroying the Canaanites?

A Word of The Year

You may have heard of the “Word of the Year” New Year’s Tradition. The New York Times and Dictionaries such as the Oxford Language Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, and others select a word near the end of the year to summarize the events and important themes of the year that is ending.  However, what if we flipped … Continue reading A Word of The Year

The False Security in Ignoring Presuppositions…

At the beginning of the semester, I read an introduction to one of my textbooks for a social science class in which the author of the book, Richard Haas, expressed concern over a college graduate who did not seem to know very much about civics or the world in which the student lived.  Haas expressed … Continue reading The False Security in Ignoring Presuppositions…

Was Jesus Married?

Affiliate Disclaimer: This article was originally published on the Apologetics Guy blog. Be sure to check out the Apologetics Guy website for great resources about apologetics, theology, philosophy, and cultural engagement! This resource will readily equip you with the “confidence, courage, and compassion” you need to be an effective ambassador for the Kingdom of God! Every Christmas and Easter, I … Continue reading Was Jesus Married?

The Unforgettable Jesus

It's October of last year. The trees of Ouachita Baptist University are in color, and I am having the time of my life. I am wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to every class. My earbuds never leave my ears, and things could not go any better, except when my schedule tells me I have to … Continue reading The Unforgettable Jesus