Feelings Taken Captive

This is a post where I, Levi, will be a bit vulnerable.

I have terrible self esteem issues. I constantly ask myself if people will like me if I do this or if I do that.

I have been dealing with this for years, yet it stays. Lingers. Fall semester 2020 in particular, I dealt with it the most I had in a while. During that time I wrote a poem about how I feel, and I ended it with submitted myself to the one who can actually give me a clear picture of who I am and what I am worth. That is, my Creator.

So, I hope this poem encourages you in whatever you are dealing with. God bless!

Feelings Taken Captive

Sometimes, I feel a certain way.

Maybe I feel ugly;

maybe I feel lonely;

maybe I feel incompetent;

or maybe I feel useless.

Maybe I feel foolish;

maybe I feel condemned;

Or maybe even shameful.

How many things can I be?

Can I be all of these?

Who determines who I am?

Do my feelings determine it?

Might how I feel define me

moments in and moments out?

Or does he who created me define me?

It is so.

I have searched the Scripture!

I have heard the truth.

My emotions do not have the last say,

nor do my feelings tell me who I am.

The Word of the Lord says it all!

In truth and love, it says it all!

Authority belongs to one who creates.

If he has authority to forgive sins,

So also, he has the authority to define his people.

The Lord is good.

He alone defines me.

From the very beginning,

he has said it.

In his community Image

we were made.

For with the rest of creation,

he spoke it into being.

Yet with man,

he rolled up his sleeves.

Willing to get dirty,

he went to the ground,

and with his very fingers

he formed man

The Lord breathed his breath into him,

And with him, he took his time.

So also, the Lord took his time with me,

forming me in my mother’s womb.

He knew me before he made me.

He knew me,

Yet he did not change his mind about making me.

He made me while completely knowing me.

Therefore, the Lord says,

through the act of creating me,

I am worth creating.

Every time I feel a certain way,

my feelings are taken captive.

By the truth of God’s Word,

they are done away with.

I am the Lord’s, for he loves me.

In him, I have value and ultimate meaning.

In him, I am defined as his child.

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