Delighting in God’s Image: A Summer Special Episode

“Pride month” has officially come to a close. 

Businesses retreat to their non-rainbow logos; trending pride hashtags naturally lose their momentum. But the issues that abruptly confronted many Christians last month remain. 

As confusion over sexuality continues to permeate the culture, Christians face the challenge of responding biblically, clearly, and lovingly. But why? How? When? Often, these questions paralyze Christians. 

That is one of the reasons why Levi Dade interviewed Kendra White this June to discuss her film, “In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.” 

In the interview, Levi and Kendra cover a lot of ground: Kendra’s obedience to the Lord in working for AFA, the importance of biblical manhood and womanhood, stories of redemption from individuals previously a part of the LGBTQ community, how transgenderism negatively affects families, why identifying as a gay Christian is unbiblical, how to love those struggling with their sexuality, and why returning to God as our Creator is so central to answering questions about our identity. 

As Kendra considered how to organize the documentary, she decided to define biblical manhood and womanhood first, providing a biblical framework for it. So she brought in authors Mary Kassian and Abraham Hamilton for the job.

Although Kendra debated omitting this section out of it because there was so much more to cover, she ultimately “felt like it was so foundational that [she] couldn’t skip it.” We are immensely grateful to her for deciding to keep it in.

Kendra also shares some of the redemptive stories that the film highlights, such as that of Lauren Perry, Stephen Black, and Denise Shick. The testimonies are unique to each individual and their circumstances. But the common thread that weaves them together is the transformative power of the Gospel.

As Kendra alludes to in the interview, however, the film is applicable for anyone. And so is this podcast episode! Even if you have not personally struggled with same-sex attraction or questions about your identity, perhaps you have a friend at church or a family member who has. This film and podcast episode provides you with practical tools to help you love them, engage in civil conversations with them, and point them to the hope of the Gospel. 

Even beyond issues of gender and sexuality, Kendra mentions that “We had someone that struggled with anorexia that watched the film, and there were principles of understanding one’s identity in Christ that applied to their situation.”

Ultimately, whatever your identity crisis—Kendra advises listeners “to go to the one who made you, because he holds the answer.”

Returning to God as our Creator is foundational to issues of gender and sexuality. Kendra insightfully notes that “I think with a world where kids have grown up with evolution being taught in schools, we’ve walked away from the idea of God being our creator and the implications of believing it…if he is your creator, then he gets to design you and what your purpose is.”

Kendra’s insight here encompasses her heart for this film as well as the mind she and her gifted team contribute to it. However, Kendra has not been exempted from the inevitable challenges that come from standing for truth today.

For example, AFA tried to put the film up on Amazon but Kendra says “They wouldn’t take the content because of new community standards.”  Kendra also recalls that “I think for me personally just I had that moment where I was like, okay, this is the line in the stand. Like, I’m agreeing to do this project. And I have friends and family members that aren’t going to like it. But here I am, Lord. Use me.”

May the church have the same heart posture today. As Kendra advises listeners, “You don’t have to go make a documentary about it. But if there’s someone in your church that you think might be struggling with this, have the guts to just invite them out to coffee and say, “Hey, I would like to hear your story.” 

Listen to Levi Dade’s full interview with Kendra White here.

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